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Allcat roofing is a full-service roofing division. If you have a failing roof system or damage from the result of a fire, severe weather or disaster, it is imperative the roof be restored as quickly as possible to ensure no further damage
is caused to said property. When a roof is compromised speed, experience and reliability are
essential to a successful customer experience and repair. Our goal is to get you back into
business or into your home as quickly and efficiently as possible. Whether you have a
commercial or residential project our team can ensure maximum efficiency for the application
you desire.



A roof with a low slope is commonly referred to as a flat roof system. Flat roofs are an age-old system and have been seen on commercial buildings throughout the world. To be considered a flat roof, the roof pitch must be less than 3:12, which means that for every 12 horizontal inches the roof raises less than 3 inches. 


Low slope roofing services: 

● Green roof systems 

● Infrared thermal imaging 

● Roof consulting 

● Roof analysis and budgeting 

● Partial/complete roof replacement 

● New construction 

● Maintenance and Service Programs 

● Emergency repairs/ temporary roofs


Shingle roof systems are primarily made up of individual overlapping elements. This is the most common roofing system in residential homes. Roof expectancy in the midwest is about 15-20 years, although only about 35% of residential roofs make that. Severe weather can also make an impact on the life expectancy of your roof. The life expectancy of your roof though directly correlates with how often it is inspected and small problems are identified and repaired. Allcat Roofing Services is here to help maintain, replace and educate you on every aspect of your roof.


Incase of an emergency Allcat Roofing Services is here to assess, board up and complete any roofing services you may need. Emergencies can occur for various reasons. Some of these could be from severe weather, including tornadoes, fallen trees, hail storms, heavy snow and ice. When your home is impacted call us to help get the service and quality your deserve.

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