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Kansas City Area Snow Removal - Residential and Commercial

Hate getting out in the cold to shovel snow just to get out of your driveway? What about the unneeded messiness of uncleared, half-melted, icey neighborhood streets? While the weather around Kansas City is quite unreliable, having a reliable source for snow removal can be vital during the chilliest times of the year. Here are some questions we often get asked about snow removal.

What is the snow removal process?

Allcat is constantly anticipating and ready to respond quickly to icey weather. Snow will be plowed/cleared from specified parking and walking areas whenever accumulation reaches the agreed-upon depth (this may vary with different customers and areas).

Depending on the time of snowfall, Allcat will aim to clear the neighborhood or parking lot before opening hours. However, if snow has fallen during business hours, Allcat will plow as much of the parking lot & driving areas as possible to allow entrance and exit to the property.

If Ice or "slush" accumulates, it will be plowed/cleared from specified parking areas and sidewalks whenever accumulation reaches ½.”

Salt or Deicers will be applied when any of the following occurs:

  • Snowfall ends with accumulation between 1⁄2"-2".

  • When any snow plowing/clearing is completed.

  • When the temperature is 32 degrees or lower and any type of moisture or precipitation lands on exposed, paved surfaces cause visible ice.

How Do I Schedule Services?

Scheduling a snow removal is super easy! Simply reach out for a quote. Once your quote is approved, you have no reason to worry about scheduling; you will be placed on our recurring service schedule! Call us at 816.800.4003 to get started on your quote and prep your neighborhood or parking lot for the upcoming ice season!

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